with Doug Shapiro



Every NeoCon, we focus on creating an experience that shares our core values and showcases our latest developments in furniture and design. And, behind the curtain, on Saturday and Sunday, NeoCon is also our chance to gather our sales force and inspire them with new insight.


This year, to hear it “straight from the designer’s mouth”, we brought our product designers to the stage. In this series of conversations, you will hear laughs and insights from Brian Graham, Daniel Korb, Pam Light and Jon Duffy and our very own VP of Design Development, John Phillips.


Welcome to OFS Brands Live! Mark Strauss, President Emeritus of Interior Design Magazine, hosted the lively conversations and brought out all of the color in these great characters. What we love about this is that you really get a sense for their personalities and their passions as designers. Speaking of personality, there is no bigger one to start with than Brian Graham, of Graham Design. Enjoy!

Brian graham of graham design studio


Meet Brian Graham, an interior designer by trade who morphed into a product designer. Hailing from San Francisco, Graham shares insights on how everything must work together to create spaces that people are drawn to for their utility and beauty.

Daniel korb of xchange design


Say hello to designer, Daniel Korb. Korb's vantage point stems from Baden, Switzerland, where his beginnings as an architect has informed his success as product designer. Korb enlightens us with thoughts on how people ultimately want the sense of home where they work.

pam light and john duffy of pld design


Meet Pam Light and John Duffy, a product design duo from LA who blend their talents to bring relevant products to the ever-changing workplace. The team draws upon its daily interaction with clients trying to optimize space for productivity, attraction and retention of people.

john phillips, vp of design development


Meet John Phillips, the new VP of Design Development for OFS Brands. Phillips brings a unique perspective from his time in the automotive, consumer product and contract furniture industry. His wit is as keen as his design eye and he believes that through design we can all inspire forward.