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OFS Brands paired up with 3 artisans to add a little extra uniqueness to our 2016 NeoCon showroom. To find out more about our featured makers, click through to their sites below.



Locally-crafted Firecakes Donuts were featured in our showroom throughout NeoCon, along with a complementary coffee pairing.





Ranger Station Supply Co. was dreamt up and made a reality by Steve Soderholm, Founder and Chief Candlemaker.





"I paint for myself and for others, but mostly I love seeing a piece displayed in homes and interiors where people gather and memories are made."



OFS Brands Announces Strategic

Collaboration with Visual Magnetics


OFS Brands and Visual Magnetics enter a strategic collaboration to leverage respective capabilities and the potential impact of co-product development that the connection between the two companies can deliver. Both family-owned, the companies share many foundational elements such as a commitment to social responsibility, craftsmanship and pursuing innovative products and alliances.


Already a strong player in materials innovation and offering a range of unique products such as magnetic dry erase wall coverings for the workspace, Visual Magnetics created quite a buzz over the last two years of WantedDesign, with its Dynamic Spaces collection. Dynamic Spaces now features the Polarity Collection, a line of accessories for the workplace that work in tandem with Visual Magnetics' writable wallcoverings, and designed by New York based industrial design studio, Visibility, and the Workspace Collection™, a series of writable background and layer options. Earning an Interior Design Best of Year product nomination, Visual Magnetics is establishing itself as a preeminent player in the workplace, education and healthcare marketplaces with the many benefits it delivers from a proprietary magnetic, transformative wall covering system.


OFS Brands will leverage its strong network of sales and operational excellence in its partnership with Visual Magnetics to increase awareness of the Dynamic Spaces applications and integrate the technology into product development.


Ryan Menke, Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing of OFS Brands, and Joe Deetz, President/CEO of Visual Magnetics, met by chance during a philanthropic endeavour called, Fresh Artists. The two leaders immediately envisioned a better future by bringing their worlds together.


“We were first drawn to the iterative nature of the product and how it facilitates ideation. Then we met and got to know the people behind the product and it was an instant, genuine connection. This is a family of innovators. The product is a great fit and the people are an even better fit,” says Ryan Menke, Sr. VP Sales & Marketing, OFS Brands.


“OFS Brands is blue water for us. Their products, operational capabilities and network equal unlimited potential for our company. Then, we meet the family and you realize you have a unique opportunity to do great things together,” says Joe Deetz, President and CEO, Visual Magnetics. Visit the OFS Brands showroom (Suite 1132) at NeoCon 2016 to experience Visual Magnetics.


About Visual Magnetics

Visual Magnetics is a materials innovation company focused on transformative, magnetic surface design for walls. Visual Magnetics’ unique magnetic wide-format materials can be used in a multitude of applications, each custom designed, printed, and easily adaptable.


In 2007, Visual Magnetics introduced the Visual Magnetics Graphic System®, a highly awarded solution for quick-change graphics and signage in branded environments. Dynamic Spaces® is a new collection of materials including magnetic dry erase and textile wall coverings for use in offices, educational spaces, home interiors and more. With over 20 unique finishing options such as fabrics, veneers and dry-erase, all of Visual Magnetics MagnaMedia® print materials are PVC-free, with an entire line dedicated to 100% post-consumer and natural, sustainable bases.